Living In A Movie

One of my favorite (and highly underrated) movies ever is Last Action Hero. It’s the story of a boy named Danny Madigan who gets his hands on a magical movie ticket that unexpectedly transports him into his favorite action movie. Pretty much every boy’s moist dream. He gets to experience car chases, gun fights, explosions, and uses his knowledge of “movie rules” to help the hero save the day. What I love about this movie, besides the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is parodying himself, is that they constantly point out and make fun of the stark differences between the rules in real life and in movies. So I thought about some of the things that consistently happen in movies that would never happen in real life….

…and then I wrote them down. In a list. Below this sentence.

  1. Most people with little purpose or significance in the main character’s life work in accounting.
    Accounting accounts (see what I did there?) for 78.3% of all tertiary character careers. Go pop in a random movie where one of the main characters works in an office. Guaranteed someone will bring up “Bob (they always have names with 3 letters like Bob, Pam, Tom, Jim, Tim, or Ann) from accounting.” Bob never gets more than 2 lines and is always a loser.
  2. Safety standards don’t exist
    Don’t hit that curb too hard, cause your car is liable to flip over and blow up. It amazes me that manufacturing safety standards are so poor in movies. Every car is seemingly coated with nitroglycerin and kerosene and a bullet is capable of turning anything into a huge fireball. Seriously, I’ve seen cars, planes, trains, buildings, computers, televisions, cell phones, pencils, chairs, vinyl records, composition books, and sharks explode. Glass might as well not even exist cause it breaks at the first sign of resistance. Any door is easily opened with a swift kick. Deadbolts are powerless. Tables? Yeah, they can’t support any human’s weight if someone is thrown at it, but if a hero uses them as cover, they can somehow repel any type of bullet.
  3. Women lose their ability to execute basic motor commands while being chased.
    Is there anyone clumsier than a woman being chased? How you just gonna fall down in an open field like that? Then the man has to come back and hold her hand while they run since she’s incapable of keeping her balance. Oh, let me guess, that bee that landed 10 feet away sent a ripple of air that knocked her over. Looking like someone lesioned her cerebellum. *rimshot* Amirite? #NeuroscienceHumor
  4. No one marries the person they’re engaged to.
    One of the most common plotlines of shitty romantic comedies is:
    Generic Womanstein is engaged to nauseatingly perfect, but secretly grade-A douchebag, Reginald McPerfecton. She’s happy and filled with glee. Dysfunctional, yet inexplicably attractive high-school janitor, Dan Cheatingisokayifyoureattractiveington, accidentally meets woman at a flea market. Generic is intrigued by Dan’s musk and his reluctance to share any feelings with her. They immediately become best friends and Generic tells Dan her private feelings about everything, including Reginald, even though he doesn’t ask. Generic starts to feel more and more unsure about marrying Reginald culminating with Dan revealing a piece of his traumatic past with tears. They end up doing it. The wedding goes on, but just before the vows are read, Dan confesses his love for Generic and Reginald is left at the alter. The audience tells Reginald to suck it up.
  5. It’s extremely easy for an athlete or entertainer to instantly spot a loved one in a huge stadium/crowd.
    It’s the last play of the game. Down by one score. Time is ticking, but there’s always time for what seems to be a 15-minute emotional glance at your mother/father/brother/girlfriend/best friend/mentor/butler/barber. Where’s the delay-of-game penalty? Even if you know where your loved one is sitting, it takes longer than a second to spot them unless you’ve got Steve Austin‘s bionic eyes. On top of that, how awkward is it as a player to see your quarterback staring into the stands with such an important play approaching? Get your head in the game!
  6. All aliens have one language, government, religion, and outfit per planet.
    Humans are apparently the only race to develop different cultures on their planet. Although to be fair, if we had been capable of interstellar travel for centuries, different cultures would’ve just moved to other planets to have all for themselves. Okay, this would make sense in real life.
I could go on forever, but what are some of the things you guys notice in movies and television that wouldn’t make sense in real life?

11 thoughts on “Living In A Movie

  1. To piggyback off the accounting thing, the women are always in marketing. lol

    “Amirite? #NeuroscienceHumor”

    WOW. *giggle*

    Hmm, another movie thang is that ALL bedsheets are L-shaped so that the woman’s upper/lower half are covered and the man’s lower half is covered. I wonder if they have these at Ikea…

  2. Magic science over real science. Like being able to ride a truck over hot lava or out driving tornadoes. And the wolves in Day after Tomorrow, they can survive and hunt in -150F.

    • Exactly! Magic science frustrates me sometimes when it’s so blatant. But a majority of their audience is science illiterate and okay with it. Can’t be mad at Hollywood for taking advantage of it.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Only in movies do the police, the military, or any other form of law enforcement feel free to engage in all out fire fights and shoot outs in the middle of metro areas while civilians are around. Movie law enforcement agencies must have awesome lawyers and insurance companies.

  4. LOL @ Looking like someone lesioned her cerebellum. *rimshot* Amirite? #NeuroscienceHumor

    good job, nerd n*gger neurosciencer boy (j. russ actually called me a neurosciencER this weekend lmao & smh)

    your points are all valid and on point. esp #4!!!!

    and speaking of engagements, it seems like proposals always happen without the couple talking about or planning marriage first.

    and there are some women characters (typically played by JLo) who get married but have no family or friends that are in the picture whatsoever.

    • NOT neuroscienER! Wowwwww. Come on J. Russ. Get it together smh.

      “it seems like proposals always happen without the couple talking about or planning marriage first.”

      Right! No plans are ever made. Just love. Love is all you need to have a wedding. The rest are just minuscule details. Actually, that might explain why everyone in movies never marry who they’re engaged to. Vicious cycle.

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