Aww Here It Goes!

One of my favorite childhood shows was Kenan & Kel. The amount of buffoonery and randomness was off the chain. Not to mention it was one of the only shows on Nickelodeon with a colored black cast. That and My Brother and Me are the only two shows that I can remember that had a black cast. But, if you’re a fan of the show, you know that Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were working together on Nickelodeon long before this show. I’m talking about All That. Here are some of my favorite All That skits that include Kenan & Kel:

  1. Okrah
    If you don’t know who this is parodying, then you can’t be saved.

    Why I Love This Skit:
    • The intro murked me. That’s a vintage ’90s intro montage if I’ve ever seen one. No fancy text or colors. Just clips of the host expressing every kind of emotion while a piano and saxophone play in the background.
    • Kel’s delivery of the line “I feel the hurt” to every guest plays beautifully into the empathetic tone and facial expressions that Oprah always uses.
    • Okrah’s one out-of-control moment where she goes “sista” on one of the guests after trying to eat her fern.

  2. Superdude
    Superdude was my favorite recurring character on All That. The random ways he would introduce himself (e.g. “I can fly first class, I can fall down and not get hurt, I can cross the street without looking both ways”), his intolerance of dairy products, and the over-the-top cheesy dialogue made every skit entertaining.

    Why I Love This Skit:
    • The sweaty lady (a recurring character in Superdude skits). I die when she asks what lactose intolerant means while taking someone else’s sleeve to wipe that damn monsoon off her face.
    • Superdude is so super, that he knocks both of the bullies to the ground with tomatoes. In his hands, tomatoes are bricks.
    • The chick who came straight from Narnia to give a mini PSA about what “lactose intolerant” was and then the side-eye she throws at the woman who asks “Like ham?” #ByeBitch

  3. Cheese Police
    An obvious parody of the reality show Cops, the Cheese Police skit just does a real good job of taking the outline for a live drug bust scene and making it hilarious without being too over-the-top.

    Why I Love This Skit:
    • The camera work was spot on. The cameraman couldn’t hold still for longer than 2 seconds. It actually made the skit more suspenseful.
    • When the cops bust through the door and the first thing I saw was that girl with Cheese Whiz hanging off her mouth and her hair a mess, I lost it.
    • The epic scream the boy lets out after Kel reads off the fat content of the cream cheese. Kudos to the cameraman again.

  4. Mavis and Clavis
    Mavis and Clavis are wise-crackin’ senior citizens. They throw insults at everyone, talk as if they know everything, and never hesitate to give their opinion. Basically, they’re the black Statler and Waldorf.

    Why I Love This Skit:
    • I know yall peeped the “Wood Is Good” banner at the beginning #SubliminalMessages
    • When Miss Fingerly is escorted out of the room and subconsciously calls out Coach Kreeton’s name, Mavis and Clavis know the deal and start hyping up Coach Kreeton like many old black men would do.
    • Amanda Bynes’ character keeps questioning Marvis and Clavis’ expertise with wood like a little bitch and they keep telling her to STFU. I’m pretty sure Mavis almost swung on her when she said they couldn’t make anything better than her birdhouse.

  5. Repairman
    Repairman was one of the most over-the-top characters on All That. Dude was OD. But that echo is the stuff of legends.

    Why I Love This Skit:
    • “Woah! Check her out! Zoweee!” I know what you mean, bro. I be doing the same thing.
    • That old lady got fugged up!
    • It doesn’t get more gangsta than a black Italian throwing up the West Side sign.

Did you watch All That and Kenan & Kel? What were some of your favorite moments/skits?



9 thoughts on “Aww Here It Goes!

  1. I HATED Ken and Kel when I was younger ( and still kinda do to this day) but the skits you put up were funny as hell. This could have been us now if Yoko Ono (you know who I’m talking ’bout) didn’t screw us over lol.

  2. Whoo, this took me BACK! I loved Kenan and Kel ever since the “All That” days. I even admit to enjoying Goodburger I had a huge crush on Kel for some odd reason.

    And I loved orange soda (even though I say “pop”). Is it true?! Mmmhmm! I do I do I do-ooooh!

  3. Awww, I can’t tell you how I loved All That when I was younger. Thank you for putting these clips up, I’m gonna have to come back over the weekend and watch them.

    Also, thanks for getting the All That theme song stuck in my head.

  4. Oh man, you just won a little of my heart over with this post. I loved this show, and Ioved Nickelodeon. I’m mad My Brother & Me got cancelled after like 6 episodes- I thought I was the only one who remembered that show!!

    Strolling down memory lane singing ‘Im a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude cuz we’re all dudes HEY!’…

    Thanks for bringing this back!

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