Smartly Sexy

sexy strings!

Ya'll betta WORK those invisible strings. Rawr.

So we have in our midst a woman who needs no introduction. A woman who embodies the definition of “foolery” and who continually works to bring ratchet discussion to the forefront of our society. To her, foolery is not just a habit, but it’s a lifestyle. Please, join me in giving a great big fuck you welcome to Cheekie.

Or “sexily smart.” Either way. Choose your own adventure.

One afternoon, I happened to be aimlessly watching an episode of CSI: [insert popular city and/or witty term here] with my sister at her place. There was a particular character who encapsulated the very idea of a “know-it-all.” Like, he knew everything about… um, whatever he was supposed to know about. He deftly spit out jargon in such confidence, it could give you whiplash. My sister turned to me and said, “Ya know, I love dudes that know everything. Dudes who know just… a LOT about what they know. Like, that is so sexy to me.”

And I have to say, I agree with her. That IS sexy. It got me thinking about the different classifications on what makes someone “smart.” And the various labels that are attributed to a smart guy. The most common being, “nerd, geek, and dork.”

Though these are often deemed as interchangeable, they are anything but. Those who truly embrace these labels know the difference. And I have to admit, I find something I like in each one.

Allow me to dissect what I just said. Ya know, get froggy (see what I did over there?):

1. The Nerds. These are the truly intelligent, in the purest form. They know things that are commonly unknown (particularly useful things) and are pretty much the rulers of the world. Sans Oprah, of course. There is something completely irresistible about a guy who knows everything about something I know little to nothing about. Like, for instance, I’m more of an artsy person. Right-brained, yadda yadda yadda. A guy that knows how to logically stimulate my mind? A mathematical master? Swoon city. Yeah, basically I’m saying: Engineers NEED apply. NEED. This intelligence I adore applies to vocabulary as well. As a writer, I’m definitely a logophile (which sounds dirty; and I’m cool with that). So, I especially love when a man teaches me a new word or pronounces one of my favorite words in THAT voice (sidenote: I have a thing for the word, “poignant”, so fellas? Please send all audio files of you reciting that word to pinchmycheekie(at)gmail(dot)com. Merci and whatnot.), which sends me into daydreaming bliss.

2. The Geeks. These are the guys that are intelligent in terms of interests. Hence the term “movie geeks”, “Star Wars geeks”, “music geeks”, etc. What I love about this guy is the passion. Sure, said passion can delve into side-eye territory, but even then, there is something endearing about it. I am a self-proclaimed Disney and Pixar geek (though, I prefer “stan” since I’m dramatic) so I know a little about putting all of yourself into something. Obsessing over random facts, geeking-out (you see, again, what I keep doing there?) over national conventions, proudly showcasing adoration… the list goes on and on, my friends. There isn’t much sexier than a guy being totally enthralled in his interests. Watching a guy excitedly regale me with stories/facts involving his interest o’ choice is a special kind of aphrodisiac.

3. The Dorks. This may arguably be my favorite. Well, not my favorite so much as it holds a special place in my heart. These are the silly, sometimes clumsy and rather awkward guys. Dorkiness is such a loveable quality. I especially appreciate when said dorkiness comes out in snippets; in unsuspecting moments. A seemingly cool guy unpredictably showing his more dorky side is like manna to me. Because I view it as him showing some vulnerability. Some quirkiness. And I love an all-around goofy guy. One of THEE hottest things to me is combining foolery with intelligence. I call it “intelligent ignance.” Remix a ratchet southern rap lyric using Ye Olde English and you have my heart. Basically, dorks get boob hugs. You too-cool-for-school mofos can kick several pet rocks.

Pinchers (or would that be That Damn Africans?), what do you think about nerds, geeks and dorks? Oh my! Male or female, is there anything about these three classifications that appeal to you? And hey, go crazy, add some of the sub-classifications (like “dweeb”) while ya at it.

Whisper that Pythagorean Theorem in my ear, boo-thang.

Love ya like soccer women love to celebrate a win by taking off their shirts,



27 thoughts on “Smartly Sexy

  1. nice post cheeks!!!!

    as a learned chick, i, too, have a thing for smartly sexy — or sexily smart — guys. my ex was a nerd AND a dork. not exactly an ideal combination but he kinda made it work. i typically find dorks appealing but not necessarily attractive. *shrug*

    but knowledge is power and often times panty-drop inducing.

    but im not attracted to just ANY ol dude who knows a lot of shit. because some nerds are assholes and have a very condescending way of letting you know they know shit. i appreciate a man who can let you know he knows shit in a “im telling you for fun because i want to share my knowledge with you” sort of way. THAT is sexy and swoon-worthy.

    • “but im not attracted to just ANY ol dude who knows a lot of shit. because some nerds are assholes and have a very condescending way of letting you know they know shit. i appreciate a man who can let you know he knows shit in a “im telling you for fun because i want to share my knowledge with you” sort of way. THAT is sexy and swoon-worthy.”

      WORD! THIS is a key point and definitely one I meant to make (but I probably got distracted by Idris Elba’s arm hair), because I cannot stand someone who talks to you like they’re doing you a dayum favor. I want you to teach me because you truly value knowledge and truly value me knowing what you know.

  2. I just had the pleasure of sharing freakum dress banter with Cheekie but I am already a fan – great post!

    I really enjoy the important nonsense talkers. These are guys who will have indepth conversations with you about why “ordinary” means regular, yet “extraordinary” doesn’t mean extra regular. Or why we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway. The things that make you go hmmm when you’re bored (or high). I can always appreciate a good unecessary debate and use of illogically descriptive words for the topic of discussion. Basically I just like foolishness set to poetic language. Yum.

    So you Jeopardy winners, we can just be friends. I need a man who will discuss at length the psychological disorders of cartoon characters. He can have my heart.

    • “I just had the pleasure of sharing freakum dress banter with Cheekie but I am already a fan – great post!”

      Yes! That ’twas fun times. And thanks!

      I LOVE nonsense talkers. Probably because I do a lot of it myself. If you could witness some of the psychological dissertations I have about lyrics sung by former R&B sensation, Joe? Girrrrl.

      And I swear I could have a PhD in Disney films, yo. I can dissect the mess out of a Pixar film.

    • In the midst of your freak’em dress banter she totally dropped this link didn’t she? DIDN’T SHE?! Tell the truth shame the devil! Cheekie is nothing if not a self promoter! lol

  3. I agree with gemmie. Some smart dudes are know-it-alls who can be slightly irritating. I know a couple who I argue with ALL the time. Those arguments are highly entertaining, but if I have to argue with you over which is the best ketchup we are through.

    I was with a geek, and they are cool, but your description of dorks got me real excited! I’ve never dated one and you know what…I really want to now! Maybe it’s because I’M a dork? Whatever, ..dudes (..okay, yeah I’m a dork)… if you are one, apply here. ❤

  4. i think i definitely fall under the nerd category. i’m great at math but i’m a biochemist/biomedical researcher by training. the thing is a lot of people outside of an academic setting know that i actually have a doctorate. like at the gym this dude assumed that i worked at the airport because i’m always with this dude that works there. o_0 *shrug* that or a lot of people think that i’m still in undergrad.

    • See, I especially appreciate folks like you, TDA, and Gemster who are in science fields because it’s TOTALLY opposite of what I’m good at. There is something alluring about a man who is an expert in a field I’m mostly clueless about.

  5. I love all your categories.. I’m always on a quest to learn something so when someone teaches me, I’m done for!! I love the ones that are underestimated.. The guys that bring something extra.. Nerds, Dorks, and Geeks do that for me.. Stimulate my mental-mind and you got me…

    And i LOVE a dude that has passion.. Passion is oh so sexy…

    • Passion is most definitely sexy! Especially since it shows he can transfer summa that energy to me. Rawr. lol

      But, yeah, I’m with you. I am like a kid in that I’m such a knowledge sponge. I’m of the mind that there is ALWAYS something more to learn. To quote the great Erykah Badu, “a man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all.” POW!

  6. I love nerd girls but I maintain that every adult is a nerd, geek, or dork about something. If they aren’t they are probably a borg drone or something.

  7. I LOVE nerds! Smart men make me all tingly inside. Fact: I swoon for Anderson Cooper and if Alex Trebek was younger I’d tap that!

    Geekiness is adorable…in small amounts. In abundance I think you’re a fetishist and/or serial killer.

    I also like dorkiness in moderation. Too much and I’m shaking my head in shame.

    • Anderson Cooper is QUITE the silver fox. I also get a little tingly for Dr. Drew. Lawd.

      LOL @ geeks being possible fetishists/serial killers. Though, you ain’t never not told the truth about that…

  8. Oh! I wanted to officially thank TDA for allowing me to grace his eCrib. lemme lemme upgrade ya

    I’m honored. And, btw, TDA? You said I needed no introduction yet you gave me one anyway. Stop wasting introductions. Go green. #TheIntroductionIsTooDamnHigh


  9. Great post, Cheekie. I’m utterly grateful for such post as I straddle the line between the three of them. However, if I had to surmise, I would say that I am most consistently embodying the former option, the nerd! While I am no engineer–much better, a nascent Communication Scholar, I laud myself for embracing my inner-nerddom (see, nerds make up words, knowing fully there nonexistence).

    I am also beguiled (I know, a bit of an antiquated word–yet so amazing) by women who are nerds, it just does something to me, both mentally and physically. Give me a nerd anyday. Or, a hybrid of the three and I live a happy life.


    • Thank ya, sir!

      “I laud myself for embracing my inner-nerddom (see, nerds make up words, knowing fully there nonexistence).”

      I LOVE when people make up words. The key is knowing the rules, in order to break them. It’s a whole ‘nother story when you don’t know any better, though. lol

  10. So, um…guess I gotta be the squeaky wheel, the white black sheep, the lone dissenter…but, er, uh, I can not STAND a dork. Dork’s irk my soul. I LURVE a nerd and geeks have their appeal, but dorks? It’s almost wrong to me to be attracted to a dork, they’re so childlike in my eyes. I’m very into the manly man Man-ness of mandom and dorks just make me go flaccid in and about my lady parts. Can’t do the dork, nerds get total ladywood. And I can’t exactly pinpoint what makes a man cross over from swoonworthy, fantasies about your DNA mixing with mine to form a superchild that will save the human race as you speak at length about your dominance of the theorem of Dungeons and Dragons nerd to loathsome, get thee away from me celebrity obsessed, overly excited about comic books, way too hyped to even speak to a woman dork – but trust me, I know it when I encounter it sorta like p0rn.

    Yeah, while I was writing that out I think I figured out the key: confidence and balance. A nerd may go overboard on something, but he also knows a lil something about pop culture or something nerdy that I happen to be into *cough*musicals*cough*. A dork (IMO) is a one trick pony and unless you wanna put all your money on the dude that only talks about YuGiOh cards…you’re ish outta luck with the dork. Again, for the Department of Redundancy Department, that’s just IMO.

    Fun topic Cheek-a-leek 🙂
    *aside to TDA* Now get her outta here before she brings the rest of her foolish rif-raffy friends round chere. This is a site of learned scholars and ish.

  11. Nice post, Cheekie. Tell your sister I said, “how YOU doin’?” (like Joey from Friends, not Wendy Williams) Smart is the new sexy. One thing I can’t stand is for someone to not know what the hell I’m talking about when I do say something. I take pride in being the “smart guy”. I’m cool with it though. I’m like a cross between the Fonz and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Seriously. I wont spit random trivia at you all day long because I watch Jeopardy, I’m just saying. It’s good to know stuff. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    See you like a thing that sees. No? Okay.


    P.S. What’s up, TDA? I don’t come around much, but I can at least speak, huh?

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